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Tom Read Bass
Tom Read Bass
Tom Read Bass
Sounds Great Music
Sfarzo bass strings
Bass player
Musical director

Tom Read is one of the UK's most in-demand and experienced professional bass players.  Proficient in all musical genres and a strong sight-reader.  Tom also writes arrangements for any size of band, and can operate as the musical director / bandleader on gigs.


1000th bass transcription on the site!

The biggest collection of FREE bass transcriptions in the world passed through into four figures!  The 1000th chart to be added was a transcription of the bassline for "True Love" by Glenn Frey, ordered by regular customer, Canadian bassist Scott VanDriel, from Ontario.

Scott therefore was refunded his payment and received the 1000th transcription free by way of celebration.  He said "The many charts and tabs Tom has provided me have been a godsend, gems that have given me accuracy in my playing and confidence. He has provided great service that I have counted on for many years!"



Endorsed artiste for Sfarzo Strings

Sfarzo are my favourite strings ever played.  The V-strings have an incredible warmth and depth of tone, are light and comfortable to play, and have terrific control.  I love them!

Sfarzo - endorsed artist


Tom becomes officially endorsed by Sounds Great Music!

Sounds Great is a brilliant music store in South Manchester, serving professional musicians, students and hobbyists for over 40 years.  I am very proud to be an officially endorsed artiste by this fine company.

Sounds Great Music
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