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Here's my collection of bass transcriptions.  I am making these freely available for purposes of interest and education only.  There seems to be an abundance of so-called "tabs" on the internet, but these are of very little use to the gigging professional musician, and in many cases, they are inaccurate or just plain wrong anyway!  I can provide tabs for all the titles in the table below.  Please note that actual arrangements, endings, and in some cases keys, may be slightly different to the originals, due to all these being written for particular bands and shows I have been involved with.  Most, however, are accurate to the original recorded basslines.


To get a transcription, simply click on the first letter of the title in the links below the lookup table.  If you want to search for a key word in the title or artiste - or date added - then use this search facility.  If the search finds what you are looking for, then select the initial letter from the links below the table.

Discuss the transcriptions on the Tomreadbass Transcriptions group on Facebook.  Join today!


If you want one of my bass transcriptions, they're free (but you can buy me a beer should you wish - click on the button above).  Just download, print out and help yourself.  However, if you want one of these charts modifying - different key, arrangement change or a tab chart - then I can do that for you for a small charge of £5.  If there's a bass part not listed that you want me to transcribe, then there's two options.  The usual cost of this service is £40, but if you're happy for me to put your finished transcription on this website for the free use of others (providing it's a well-known song), then you get it for half-price - £20.  The choice is yours, and prices are inclusive of any currency conversion and PayPal transaction fees.  Original / less known / long / complicated transcriptions are available - please contact me for individual quotes for these.  Use the contact link (via the "More" link above) - or the email icon, to get in touch and discuss your requirements.





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