My first paid gig was at Sharston Labour Club, Wythenshawe, Manchester, a week after my 16th birthday.  My dad Roger was on organ, and Mike Delaney on drums.  That began several years of sight-reading, backing cabaret acts, usually with my dad on keyboards and with Kevin Christie, and then my brother Will on drums.
We did some holiday camp summer seasons together, but it was the first time I went off on my own that proved the most significant and life-defining.  I arrived at Pontin's Plemont Bay on Jersey on my 20th birthday after the overnight ferry - and met my future wife Marianne at the breakfast table!
We have two adult sons, Jimmy and Liam.  Jimmy was a decent piano player while at school but didn't want to further that interest, preferring to focus on his mathematics, amateur radio and hillwalking.
Liam is a fine vocalist, compere and radio presenter.  

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